September 2020

The face of professional science in America remains resolutely white and male—yet some believe that the upheavals of 2020 may lay the groundwork for moving toward equity for Black scientists. Our report starts on p. 24. [Photo: Getty Images]

In Search of Equity

Stewart Wills

The events of 2020 may offer a unique chance to advance the representation of African Americans in optics and photonics—if the community grasps the opportunity.

Unlocking the Power of Quantum Encryption

Quantum technology poses a growing threat to online security. But it also provides a solution.

A Deeper View of the Cosmos

Built on advances in optical and photonic technology, the new generation of telescopes coming online this decade will tackle key questions about the nature of the universe.

Diversity: Scientific Research

An Ambassador Anniversary

Luminate Arrives at FiO

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