Latest Stories

  • A Truly Breathable Top

    Ilana Ostrin | 29 May 2017

    Researchers create a T-shirt that monitors the wearer’s breathing rate in real time. read more  

  • The Power of Female Mentors

    Ilana Ostrin | 26 May 2017

    Long-term study suggests that female mentors help women engineering students thrive and feel supported—and could help keep them in the engineering game. read more  

  • Photoacoustic Microscopy Draws a Bead on Cancer

    Stewart Wills | 25 May 2017

    Technique could provide diagnostic images comparable to histology, in a fraction of the time. read more  

  • Trends in Biomaterials

    G.P. Kathiyan and A. Srinivasan (editors) | 25 May 2017 | Review by Albert C. Claus

    This book deals mainly with ceramic and fibrous biomaterials, and covers numerous methods and applications. read more  

  • Coronagraphs for Better Exoplanet Imaging

    Patricia Daukantas | 24 May 2017

    Scientists develop a high-contrast imaging technique enabling the simultaneous and selective nulling of several light sources. read more  

  • "Tech Like a Girl"

    Ilana Ostrin | 23 May 2017

    Central Carolina Community College, USA, holds the first in a series of workshops that aim to inspire an interest in STEM for female students. read more  

  • Toward Mass-Produced, Thin-Film Beam Steering

    Stewart Wills | 22 May 2017

    Device, which is compatible with large-volume fabrication methods, could have applications in anti-counterfeiting and other optical-security markets. read more  

  • Stretchable Metasurface Holograms

    Stewart Wills | 18 May 2017

    Using an intricate array of gold nanorods on a flexible substrate, researchers design holographic images that change when the substrate material is stretched. read more  

  • Singular Optics

    Greg Gbur | 18 May 2017 | Review by Christian Brosseau

    This lecture-based book is pleasant and contains careful discussions of a large number of topics dealing with the multifaceted aspects of wavefield singularities. read more  

  • Nanoscale Fiber Feels Femtonewton Forces

    Patricia Daukantas | 17 May 2017

    A compact nanofiber optic force transducer utilizes strong near-field plasmon–dielectric interactions to measure local forces with a sensitivity of less than 200 femtonewtons. read more