• No Moore’s Law in Optics

    Patricia Daukantas | 19 September 2019

    A key member of Microsoft’s AR research team offered a whirlwind tour of the optical components in cutting-edge headsets like the company’s HoloLens mixed-reality smartglasses. read more  

  • Through the Looking Glass

    Molly Moser | 19 September 2019

    A showcase floor demonstration at FiO+LS 2019 allowed attendees to interact with 3-D holographic displays. read more  

  • The Enduring Impact of Two Discoveries

    Molly Moser and Stewart Wills | 19 September 2019

    A two-session symposium at the close of FiO+LS 2019 looked at the long-term scientific influence of optical tweezers and chirped-pulse amplification. read more  

  • Visions of a Quantum Internet

    Stewart Wills | 19 September 2019

    A plenary talk at FiO+LS 2019 dug into the potential, and challenges, in creating a worldwide network of quantum information. read more  

  • The Social Impacts of AR/VR

    Molly Moser | 18 September 2019

    MIT professor and wearable-computing pioneer Thad Starner spoke about the social implications of augmented reality and related technologies at FiO+LS 2019. read more  

  • “True Believers” Envision a VR/AR Future

    Patricia Daukantas | 18 September 2019

    At FiO+LS 2019, three leaders in VR/AR research looked at the elements that will define market-leading displays for virtual and augmented reality—and the need to keep the end user in mind. read more  

  • Help for Getting Back in Focus

    Stewart Wills | 18 September 2019

    A presentation at FiO+LS 2019 recounted progress toward a device to help aging persons regain the ability to dynamically refocus on near and far objects. read more  

  • Checking in with the Brightest Light Initiative

    Molly Moser | 17 September 2019

    The technology co-chair of a 2019 ultrafast laser workshop gave audiences a sneak peek into an upcoming report, identifying future opportunities for ultrafast-laser science in the U.S. read more  

  • Color: From Nature to Applications

    Stewart Wills | 17 September 2019

    OPN talks with U.K. researcher and FiO+LS 2019 invited speaker Silvia Vignolini about her work engineering structural colors based on models in the natural world. read more  

  • Nanophotonic Design, Optimized

    Stewart Wills | 17 September 2019

    Stanford University’s Jelena Vuckovic sketched out her team’s machine-learning-driven approach to designing tiny photonic components—and making them semiconductor fab–ready. read more