September 2018

The sun continues to shine on the European photonics community, which rests on a storied past and now looks ahead to a dynamic future. The columns and feature articles in this issue offer some snapshots of the European photonics scene. [Image: Getty Images]

Special Issue: European Photonics

This month, OPN throws the spotlight on the dynamic environment for photonics in Europe—a leader both in photonic science and in recognition of that science’s power to drive regional progress and economic growth.


The E.U. and its member states have embarked on a research journey with an ambitious goal: to make Europe a powerhouse on the emerging global landscape of quantum technology.

Brexit: Two Years Later

As the deadline for the U.K.’s exit from the European Union looms, uncertainty still clouds the possible impact on the photonics market.

From Venice to the Dutch Republic

The early-17th-century Netherlands, benefiting from dynamic and robust socioeconomic development, was at the forefront of early optics progress—an effort that involved both luminaries and less-known contributors.

Research and Industry News

Photonics for Health & Earth

Securing the Future for European Photonics

Integrating Photonics into Fab Labs

OSA’s Face in Europe

GENERA: Toward Equity in Physics

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