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This month, OPN throws the spotlight on the dynamic environment for photonics in Europe—a leader both in photonic science and in recognition of that science’s power to drive regional progress and economic growth. Among the stories in this special issue:

Photonics21’s road ahead

Two executive-board members for a key academic–industry partnership take stock of its achievements and future.

OSA in Europe

OPN talks with Yann Amouroux, OSA’s new European rep.

Training a new generation

An update on PHABLABS 4.0, a Horizon 2020-funded project to build a better photonics workforce via hands-on workshops.

Toward greater equity

The GENERA program seeks to increase the presence of talented women in physics.

Europe’s quantum push

From the E.U. “Quantum Flagship” to diverse member-state programs, support for quantum tech is booming.

Brexit dilemmas

Two years after the U.K.’s earth-shaking vote, the potential outcomes seem as uncertain as ever.

A look back

Both scientific luminaries and less-known figures helped shape optics in the old Dutch Republic.