November 2018

Photo of Solar Spectrum Environmental Artist Peter Erskine. Both artists and architects are increasingly using optical techniques to bring sunlight indoors, for energy efficiency as well as aesthetics. [Image copyright of Peter Erskine,]


Elise M. Strobach and Svetlana V. Boriskina

In a quest for energy savings, occupant comfort and aesthetic appeal, by drawing on examples both ancient and modern, architectural designers are using the basic principles of optics to bring sunlight deep into building interiors.

The Quest for Lumens per Watt

Historically, the development of lighting has been driven by the need to get the brightest, most pleasing light possible at the lowest cost. Are we reaching the limits?

A Smart View of the Future

High-tech windows could soon be generating electricity, as well as saving on heating and cooling.

Aspheres: Still Adding Value

While misunderstood and sometimes underutilized, aspheres have emerged as a versatile solution for a wide variety of optical problems—and their costs have steadily trended down. Here’s a look at how they’re fabricated and measured today.

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