March 2018

Painting Madonna in Preghiera, attributed to the workshop of Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato. [Courtesy of Junliang Dong et al.]

Cultural Artifacts in Terahertz Light

Patricia Daukantas

Non-ionizing terahertz radiation fills in a crucial gap in the photon-based toolbox of art conservators and archaeologists.

A Roadmap for Integrated Photonics

Three contributors to a major effort to define future needs, gaps and research directions for the photonics supply chain talk about the project and where it’s going.

EUV Light Sources for Next-Gen Lithography

After a long period of development, sophisticated machines that generate streams of extreme-ultraviolet radiation from laser-produced plasmas are on the cusp of taking chip manufacturing to the next level.

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Optics & Art: Revealing the Hidden Truth

Exploring the Networks of the Future

Two OSA Pioneers

Connecting Your Way to the Future You

Being the CEO of Your Career

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