February 2017

Modern laser additive manufacturing (LAM) systems, such as DMG Mori’s Lasertec 65 3D, combine laser 3-D printing with more standard laser cutting and milling functions. [Image courtesy of DMG Mori]

Laser Additive Manufacturing: Going Mainstream

Ilya Mingareev and Martin Richardson

Despite rapid progress, LAM remains largely a niche fabrication technology. What advances in technology and manufacturing science will bring it to the front ranks?

Uncertainty Principles: Photonics and Politics

The optics community responds to a changeable landscape in the U.S., the U.K., and beyond.

Meet OSA’s 2017 Fellows

The 96 members of the 2017 class of OSA Fellow Members will be recognized at conferences throughout the year for scientific, engineering, educational and technological contributions, as well as service and business leadership.

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