February 2016

© Studio Roosegaarde

© Studio Roosegaarde

Controlling Light with Geometric-Phase Holograms

Michael J. Escuti, Jihwan Kim and Michael W. Kudenov

Improved fabrication techniques are creating a new generation of gratings, lenses, and other elements that are physically thin and optically thick.

OSA Centennial Snapshots: Broadway Lights Inspire Innovation

Before he dreamed up instant photography, OSA Honorary Member Edwin Land invented the first inexpensive synthetic polarizer. But that was only part of a larger mission.

Meet OSA’s 2016 Fellows

OSA is pleased to announce the 77 OSA members elected to the class of Fellows. A record 167 members were nominated in 2015 for their significant contributions to the advancement of optics and photonics.

Research and Industry News

Enabling Thin-Film Technology

Lacemaker’s Lamps

Finding Success as a Dual-Career Couple

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