June 2015

Convection currents surrounding plasmonic nano­tweezers draw particles into the optical trap. [Illustration by Brian J. Roxworthy]

Plasmonic Nanoantennas: From Nanotweezers to Plasmonic Photography

Kimani C. Toussaint Jr., Brian J. Roxworthy, Hao Chen, Abdul M. Bhuiya and Qing Ding

Devices that convert optical radiation to spatially concentrated energy at the nanoscale are finding applications in data storage, spectroscopy, sensing and nanoscale optical manipulation. They can even serve as a plasmonic “film” for recording images or encoding sound.

4-D Real-Time Optical Coherence Tomography

Advances in OCT techniques, combined with the processing power of modern computer hardware, are adding a new dimension—time—to a familiar 3-D imaging method. The result could be new applications in research and the biomedical clinic.

Optics in the Apollo Program

As part of the space race, optical scientists and engineers developed instruments and materials that steered the spacecraft, mapped the moon and brought back some of the 20th century’s most iconic images.


Women in Physics in South Africa: Are We There Yet?

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