October 2012

Polarimetric Imaging for Cancer Diagnosis and Staging

Tatiana Novikova, Angelo Pierangelo, Antonello De Martino, Abdelali Benali and Pierre Validire

A medical imaging technique that relies on light polarization could become a fast and accurate optical method for detecting cancer and determining the stage of the disease.

Quantum Diamonds

Can we demonstrate quantum mechanics at scales relevant to a human being? To find out, we turned to a beautiful gem that may just turn out to be a physicist’s best friend.

Quantum Optics for Space Platforms

The idea of building a space-based quantum network is appealing, but there are many challenges. A new model for low-cost satellites is bringing global quantum communication a step closer to reality.

OPN Talks with Michael D. Fayer

Seeing through Walls

Finally, A Room-Temperature Maser

Harnessing Light Highlights

Plasmon Nanolaser

GSI Group’s Laser Division Now JK Lasers

Sharp Mind

Gooch & Housego: Building upon History

Attosecond Adventurer

Acoustics and Lighting in Ottoman Monuments

The Optics of the Mirage Toy

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