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Polarimetric Imaging for Cancer Diagnosis and Staging

A medical imaging technique that relies on light polarization could become a fast and accurate optical method for detecting cancer and determining the stage of the disease.

by Tatiana Novikova, Angelo Pierangelo, Antonello De Martino, Abdelali Benali and Pierre Validire
Quantum Diamonds

Can we demonstrate quantum mechanics at scales relevant to a human being? To find out, we turned to a beautiful gem that may just turn out to be a physicist’s best friend.

by Joshua Nunn and Ian Walmsley
Quantum Optics for Space Platforms

The idea of building a space-based quantum network is appealing, but there are many challenges. A new model for low-cost satellites is bringing global quantum communication a step closer to reality.

by William Morong, Alexander Ling and Daniel Oi

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Plasmon Nanolaser

Miniature semiconductor laser is based on plasmon amplification.

Optics Innovations
Gooch & Housego: Building upon History

From small-town shop to global photonics leader, Gooch & Housego has evolved over six decades through a series of smart product developments and strategic acquisitions.

Conversations in Optics
Attosecond Adventurer

Paul Corkum uses laser pulses that last a quintillionth of a second to study atoms and molecules.

Global Optics
Acoustics and Lighting in Ottoman Monuments

Turkish monuments constructed centuries ago have been found to include surprisingly sophisticated designs for controlling sound and light.

Light Touch
The Optics of the Mirage Toy

How does a clever toy create a near-perfect illusion when all of the rays emanating from the object are located far off the optical axis?


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