February 2010

Lasers in Ophthalmology

Patricia Daukantas

Now that laser-assisted surgery for nearsightedness has become a routine elective procedure, ophthalmologists and vision scientists are branching out to other medical uses of lasers, from cataract surgery to diagnostic retinal imaging.

History of Gas Lasers, Part 2: Pulsed Gas Lasers

In this second article of a two-part series, Colin Webb explores the origins of pulsed gas lasers, which made possible many critical applications of laser technology, including corneal reshaping and microlithography.

SPAD Sensors Come of Age

A unique light detector combines single-photon performance, multi-pixel image resolution and deep sub-nanosecond response.

Our conversation with Brian Herlihy

OSA’s Global Network of Students

U.S. Cities Go Green with LEDs

Testing a New Model for Tiny Fiber Cores

Did You Know?

JOSA Editors of the 1930s & 1940s

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