A Guide to the Web

For scientists and engineers interested in learning about the Web, I can think of no better book than The World Wide Web for Scientists & Engineers by Brian J. Thomas. Thomas has a lot of experience writing about computers and the Internet for technical people—a few years ago he wrote the very useful book, The Internet for Scientists and Engineers. Much has changed since then, however, and the earlier book was in dire need of updating. Thomas has done that very well in this new book, which was published in January. In it he discusses all of the new capabilities brought to us by Web technology—including Web browsers, publishing, and searching for information—while devoting a large section of the book to a listing, by discipline, of thousands of science and engineering resources available on the Web. Thomas writes with a light, readable, engaging style that makes even the most technical aspects of his book a delight to read. If you only read one book about the Web this year, be sure this is it.

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