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Fourier ptychographic microscopy can boost the imaging power of standard microscopes through a simple LED array and computational optics. Illustration by Yan Liang and Guoan Zheng.

About OPN

Optics & Photonics News (OPN) is The Optical Society's monthly news magazine. It provides in-depth coverage of recent developments in the field of optics and offers busy professionals the tools they need to succeed in the optics industry, as well as informative pieces on a variety of topics such as science and society, education, technology and business. OPN strives to make the various facets of this diverse field accessible to researchers, engineers, businesspeople and students. Contributors include scientists and journalists who specialize in the field of optics. We welcome your submissions.


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Year in Optics

Each year, the December issue of Optics & Photonics News—the monthly magazine of The Optical Society—highlights the most exciting optics research to emerge in the preceding 12 months. We encourage anyone who has recently conducted notable peer-reviewed research to send us a brief summary of their work to be considered for publication in the issue. To do so, please visit Prism, OSA’s new online submission system, at https://prism.opticsinfobase.org

The process

Summaries are judged by a team of 5-6 OSA members in September of each year, and final selections are made by Dr. Robert Guenther of Duke University, who serves as the Editor of the special issue. Authors will be informed of whether their work has been accepted by early October. Over the following weeks, the editorial team at Optics & Photonics News will work closely with the authors of accepted papers to prepare their articles for final publication. Submissions are now open for 2014.


Submissions are judged on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Summaries should be no more than 500 words in length, including title, figure captions and references. Longer summaries may be disqualified.

  • Summaries may not contain more than five references.

  • Summaries should include only one high-resolution figure or image (jpeg, eps or tiff).

  • Additional multimedia files (videos or animations) are encouraged but not required.

  • To appear in the Year in Optics issue for the current calendar year, the accomplishments described must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal sometime after July of the previous calendar year.

  • Highlighted research should be described in a clear, concise manner that is readily accessible to the at-large optics community.

  • The author or authors should describe the topical area as a whole and then discuss the importance of their work in that context.

  • Summaries should represent the best work in a given optics subfield. Thus, we discourage multiple submissions from the same individual or group.

  • Since we try to recognize all subfields, we may not accept multiple submissions from one research group in a single, concentrated area of focus. OPN strives to ensure that engineering, basic science and technology are all well represented.

More information

If you have additional questions about the Year in Optics special issue, please contact the Optics & Photonics News editorial team at opn@osa.org.


OPN offers high-quality, custom reprints to fit your marketing or educational needs. Reprints are available from two pages and up, in increments of 100, and may be ordered as black-and-white or four-color. For prompt service, submit your order directly to Sheridan Press using the Sheridan Electronic Order Center. Single copies of OPN are also available for $15/issue. Please contact customer service to place a single copy order.

Letters to the Editor

Would you like to comment on an article you've read in OPN? We encourage reader feedback. Please e-mail your letter to opn@osa.org and include your name, affiliation and e-mail address. You can also add comments directly to online articles by clicking the "View/Add Comment" function following each article.

After Image and Image of the Week

OPN is always on the lookout for exciting, high-resolution photos of optics phenomena for our online Image of the Week and/or publication in our After Image department. Please use the electronic image submission form to upload/submit your image in the form of a TIFF, EPS or JPEG. Please note in the description whether submitting for Image of the Week or the After Image department. Images for print should be 300 dpi or greater.

Contact Us

For questions or requests concerning your subscription, including address changes and mailing removal requests, please contact OSA Customer Service.

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Please forward article ideas, submissions and editorial questions to opn@osa.org.

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Bell Labs, U.S.A.

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GE Global Research, U.S.A.

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CSIR, South Africa

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QED Technologies, Australia

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U.S. Naval Academy

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University of Waterloo, Canada

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Precision Optical, U.S.A.

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Naval Research Labs, U.S.A.

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University of Maryland, U.S.A.


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Gooch & Housego, U.S.A.

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Synopsys Inc., U.S.A.

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Duke University, U.S.A.

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ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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the Optical Sciences Company, U.S.A.

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Harvard University, U.S.A.

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