Latest Stories

  • 3-D Printing “Eagle-Eyed” Microlenses

    Patricia Daukantas | 22 February 2017

    German researchers create a highly miniaturized camera that mimics the natural vision of birds of prey. read more  

  • A Course in Classical Physics 4 - Waves and Light

    Alessandro Bettini | 21 February 2017 | Review by John Dudley

    The book is highly beneficial to students as their main text in an elementary-calculus based course on classical optics, but would also be of great value to instructors looking for new insights into material they may have been teaching for many years. read more  

  • A Broader View for Metalenses

    Stewart Wills | 21 February 2017

    By carefully tuning surface characteristics, a Harvard team fashions a flat lens that can focus light across a wide visible band—without chromatic aberrations. read more  

  • Asymmetric Vision in Cockeyed Squid

    Sarah Michaud | 16 February 2017

    Behavioral evidence suggests cockeyed squid evolved two different eyes to view multidirectional sources of light in their deep-sea home. read more  

  • Optical Clocks Hit the Road

    Stewart Wills | 14 February 2017

    Research groups in Germany and China report clocks that can achieve fractional uncertainties on the order of 10–17—and can be transported to far-flung locations. read more  

  • Two-Way LEDs

    Stewart Wills | 11 February 2017

    Double-heterojunction nanorods both emit and detect light, pointing to highly interactive displays, self-charging smartphones and more. read more  

  • The Limits of Resolution

    Geoffrey de Villers and E. Roy Pike | 09 February 2017 | Review by Daniela Dragoman

    Light resolution is a crucial issue in optics. Therefore, such a book is of considerable interest for the entire optics community. read more  

  • Better Blue-Phase Liquid Crystals for Sharper Television

    Patricia Daukantas | 09 February 2017

    A new liquid crystal ups the pixels per inch, which could triple the sharpness of a television display. read more  

  • A Heat-Driven Transistor

    Stewart Wills | 08 February 2017

    Thermoelectric-gated polymer device is said to have applications in infrared photonics, smart sensors and electronic skins. read more  

  • Two-Dimensional Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides

    A.V. Kolobov and J.Tominaga | 03 February 2017 | Review by Mircea Dragoman

    This book, in more than 500 pages, covers one of the most important research subjects in recent years—the largest family of atomically thin materials studied after graphene. read more