OPN July/August 2013

Cover Story

The Future of 3-D Printing

Tim Hayes

Three-dimensional printing technology has created a lot of buzz lately among politicians, engineers and hobbyists alike. But how realistic are the claims being made on its behalf?



Underwater Imaging Gets Clearer

Lynn Savage

Underwater imaging in natural bodies of water is notoriously difficult due to the large range of particulates that can impede light propagation. However, recent developments in optical technology that build on polarization-based encryption and lidar are leading to incremental advances.


Nonlinear Optics in Crystalline Whispering Gallery Resonators

Christoph Marquardt, Dmitry Strekalov, Josef Fürst, Michael Förtsch and Gerd Leuchs

Whispering gallery resonators made from crystalline materials are compact, stable and highly tunable. These versatile devices can produce light in the classical and quantum domains, showing promise for applications in spectroscopy, metrology and quantum information schemes.




Patricia Daukantas, Valerie C. Coffey, Lynn Savage and Sarah Michaud

Headliners, policy news and industry updates.



Career Focus

How to Find the Right Advisor

Shoresh Shafei and Sean Mossman

Finding the right advisor can make or break your grad school experience. Here’s how to choose wisely.


Light Touch

The Secret Molecular Life of Soap Films

Greg Gbur

At the turn of the 20th century, physicist Jean-Baptiste Perrin found evidence of atoms hidden in plain sight.


Conversations in Optics

What advice would you give to someone just starting their career?

Optics & Photonics News asked four members of the OSA Board of Directors to share their wisdom with the next generation of young scientists.