Cover Story

A medical imaging technique that relies on light polarization could become a fast and accurate optical method for detecting cancer and determining the stage of the disease. more>>


Quantum Diamonds

Can we demonstrate quantum mechanics at scales relevant to a human being? To find out, we turned to a beautiful gem that may just turn out to be a physicist’s best friend. more>>

Quantum Optics for Space Platforms

The idea of building a space-based quantum network is appealing, but there are many challenges. A new model for low-cost satellites is bringing global quantum communication a step closer to reality. more>>


Ultrafast imaging reveals hidden objects. more>>

Researchers at the U.S. Army Research Lab have devised a photoacoustic technique for sensing trace amounts of gases that simulate deadly nerve agents more>>

New optics research from South Korea offers the prospect of glasses-free 3-D display technology for commercial theaters. more>>

Nearly 60 years after the first working maser, three British scientists have devised an optically pumped solid-state maser that operates at room temperature. more>>

Researchers have adapted the technique that corrected the optics of the Hubble telescope to produce sharp views of the neural pathways in mice brains. more>>

Report describes role of optics in technological and economic growth. more>>

JK Lasers, a GSI Group subsidiary, recently underwent a rebranding from its former identity as the Laser Division of GSI Group. more>>

Optimax Systems Inc. provided the lenses that were used by the Mars rover Curiosity to take its first images of the red planet. more>>

Miniature semiconductor laser is based on plasmon amplification. more>>


Global Optics

Acoustics and Lighting in Ottoman Monuments

Turkish monuments constructed centuries ago have been found to include surprisingly sophisticated designs for controlling sound and light. more>>

Light Touch

The Optics of the Mirage Toy

How does a clever toy create a near-perfect illusion when all of the rays emanating from the object are located far off the optical axis? more>>

Optics Innovations

Gooch & Housego: Building upon History

From small-town shop to global photonics leader, Gooch & Housego has evolved over six decades through a series of smart product developments and strategic acquisitions. more>>

Conversations in Optics

Paul Corkum uses laser pulses that last a quintillionth of a second to study atoms and molecules. more>>

Our conversation with Michael Fayer, nonlinear optics expert and FiO plenary speaker. more>>