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The mobile camera market is being driven by consumers’ desire for big imaging capability in smaller and smaller packages. Despite the limitations imposed by these competing demands—or perhaps because of them—many companies are unleashing... more>>


Recycled Fiber Optics: How Old Ideas Drove New Technology

When it comes to fiber optics, everything old is new again. Crucial building blocks of modern technology were once written off as impractical, including single-mode fiber and wavelength-division multiplexing. Now coherent communication systems, abandoned in the 1980s, have become cutting-edge high-performance systems. more>>

High-Performance Sensing Using Fiber Lasers

Fiber laser sensors are capable of achieving fundamentally limited strain resolution. Their high sensitivity per unit length enables new sensing possibilities, miniaturization of existing sensors and simplification of sensing mechanisms. more>>


A team of researchers from Spain, France and Brazil found a way to generate rogue waves and developed a model for understanding them as a result of a deterministic nonlinear process. more>>

A team based at Purdue University has crafted a tiny, chip-sized ring resonator comb that generates shaped pulses. more>>

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (Germany) used single-molecule force spectroscopy with ultrastable optical tweezers to measure the length of a single protein and the force required to cause a change in the folding state. more>>

Scientists at the University of Twente (Netherlands) have demonstrated a prediction made nearly a quarter-century ago: that spontaneous emission of light can be inhibited within a 3-D photonic bandgap. more>>


Light Touch

A Modest Proposal on the Evolution of the Eye

Is there an evolutionary link between the bony plates that surrounded the eyes of some prehistoric creatures and the iris as we know it today? more>>

The History of OSA

The History of OSA

Presidential profile: Karl Gunther Kessler and Walter Lewis Hyde. more>>

Conversations in Optics

Our conversation with Greg Papadopoulos, venture capitalist and OFC/NFOEC plenary speaker. more>>