Cover Story

Recent developments in 3-D computational optical imaging have ushered in a new era for biological research. Techniques in 3-D holographic microscopy integrated with numerical processing are enabling researchers to obtain rich... more>>


RAPID Lithography: New Photoresists Achieve Nanoscale Resolution

Over the past decade, researchers have shattered the traditional view of the diffraction limit. Using new techniques, they have obtained resolution far smaller than the wavelength of light excitation or emission. Similar concepts are now being applied to photolithography, making it possible to create nanoscale features in a photoresist using visible or near-infrared light. more>>

Heinrich Hertz and the Foundations of Electromagnetism

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz did not grasp the practical importance of his work during his lifetime, but his research into electromagnetic radiation laid the foundation for all wireless communications. The education and experience of this 19th century German scientist prepared him to make his monumental discoveries on propagating electromagnetic waves. more>>


What’s the exact opposite of a laser? The answer is not a riddle, but a real experiment in the controlled absorption of light. more>>

Scientists can track the movement of protein through cells in three dimensions and study the responses of human immune cells to bacterial toxins. more>>

A recent paper in Science describes how this unusual combination of methods allows researchers to study the assembly of a so-called “spliceosome” in real time. more>>

Scientists directly observed quantum interference in graphene and figured out how to control the pathways by creating tiny ion-gel gates on doped graphene. more>>


Career Focus

Communication Skills for Researchers: Don’t Settle for Status Quo

“Example is the school of mankind,” said the British statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke. However, for researchers who want to learn communication skills, example is perhaps the worst school. What are the alternatives? more>>

Global Optics

Optics and Photonics in Latin America

The launch of OSA’s Optics and Photonics Latin America website represents a milestone in OSA’s global program. more>>

Policy Matters

A Bright Future for Photonics21

The European technology platform has successfully unified the photonics community throughout the continent. more>>

The History of OSA

Two Presidents of the Mid-1960s

Two optical experts with an interest in military applications set their sights on the OSA presidency during the 1960s. more>>