Cover Story

Special Issue: Optics in 2005 Introduction

Bob D. Guenther, Bob Jopson, R. John Koshel, Barbara Paldus

The topics covered in this special issue cover a wide breadth, ranging from photonic structures to quantum information, and from optical engineering to ultrafast technology. more>>


All Optical Control

Dmitri Mogilevtsev and Solange Bessa Cavalcanti

Coherent Control of Emitters in a Photonic Crystal Environment. more>>


Jesper Glückstad, Ivan Perch-Nielsen and Peter John Rodrigo

Micro-biologic Applications of Real-Time Interactive 3D Optical Manipulation. more>>

Cooling and Trapping

Joseph Kinast, Andrey Turlapov and John E. Thomas

Optically Trapped Fermi Gases Model Strong Interactions in Nature. more>>


Daniel L. Marks, Claudio Vinegoni, Jeremy S. Bredfeldt and Stephen A. Boppart

Nonlinear Interferometric Vibrational Imaging: Efficient Detection of Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering more>>


Yong Wang, Miguel A. Larotonda, Bradley M. Luther, David Alessi, Mark Berrill, Mario C. Marconi, Vyacheslav N. Shlyaptsev and Jorge J. Rocca

High Repetition Rate Tabletop Soft X-ray Lasers with Saturated Output at Wavelengths down to 13.2 nm more>>

Nonlinear Optics

Mihaela Balu, Joel Hales, David J. Hagan and Eric W. Van Stryland

Nonlinear Spectrometer Using a White-Light Continuum Z scan more>>

Optical Engineering

Robert Iwanow, Daniel May-Arrioja, Demetrios N. Christodoulides, George I. Stegeman, Yoohong Min and Wolfgang Sohler

Lately, the optical research community has shown considerable interest in wave propagation phenomena in discrete structures. Arrays or lattices of evanescently coupled waveguides or chains of coupled microresonators are prime examples of structures where discrete optical wave dynamics can be observed. One question that has naturally arisen is whether the Talbot effect is also possible in discrete systems. more>>

Optical Switching

Andrew M. C. Dawes, Lucas Illing, Susan M. Clark and Daniel J. Gauthier

All-Optical Switch Controls Strong Beams with Weak Ones. more>>

Photonic Structures

Thomas Tanggaard Alkeskjold, Jesper Lægsgaard, Anders Bjarklev, David Sparre Hermann, Anawati Anawati, Jes Broeng, Jun Li and Shin-Tson Wu

A new type of tunable optical fiber is based on photonic crystal fibers (PCFs), which have a cross-section that usually consists of an air/silica microstructure that is invariant along the fiber axis. more>>

Quantum Information

Nicolas Gisin, Sébastien Tanzilli, Wolfgang Tittel, Matthäus Halder, Olivier Alibart, Pascal Baldi and Hugo Zbinden

In a recent experiment, we demonstrated the transfer of a qubit from a photon at the telecom wavelength of 1312 nm to another photon around 712 nm, a wavelength close to that of alkaline atomic transitions. more>>

Slow Light

Yoshitomo Okawachi, Jay E. Sharping, Alexander L. Gaeta, Matthew S. Bigelow, Aaron Schweinsberg, Robert W. Boyd, Zhaoming Zhu and Daniel J. Gauthier

All-Optical Tunable Slow-Light Delays via Stimulated Scattering. more>>


Alessandro Ciattoni, Bruno Crosignani, Paolo Di Porto and Amnon Yariv

Spatial Kerr Solitons as Exact Solutions of Maxwell’s Equations more>>



I Read It in OPN ...

OPN Contributors

Excerpts and highlights from the 2005 issues of OPN more>>

The History of OSA

Launch of JOSA A: Optics and Imaging Science

John N. Howard

As the Journal of the Optical Society grew, it became clear that one journal was not enough to capture what was happening in the field. more>>