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For an investor reading the plan, this early identification of problems and proposal of solutions demonstrates that the ES has foresight, operational flexibility, and problem solving capabilities. more>>


Surface temperature of planet Earth

Atmospheric transmittance: the concept of atmospheric windows more>>

Simplification of Scratch-Dig standards proposed

The standardization of surface imperfections, or Scratch-Dig standards, was discussed in the last Standards column (Optics News, Sept. 1987, p. 31) on the ISO/TC 172/SC1 meeting held in Thun, Switzerland, in May 1987. As we reported, an instrument developed by Lionel Baker at SIRA called the Microscopic Image Comparator (MIC) shows great promise in helping to quantify various surface defects into specific classifications. more>>

An entrepreneur's guide to financing the high technology company

Raising money for a startup firm is like getting your first date—it can seem like an impossible task, it is hard to take the first step, and it is the start of an effort you must continue for the rest of your (company's) life in order to be successful. Just like that first date, the attitudes, strategies, and personal abilities you take into the effort will be instrumental in determining your ultimate degree of success. more>>


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