December 06, 2013—The Institute of Photonic Sciences research center (IFCO; Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) has announced the launch of its fifth spin-off, HemoPhotonics S.L., also in Barcelona.  HemoPhotonics is premiering a photonics-based prototype tool for monitoring blood flow and oxygen levels in adult brains non-invasively. The real-time cerebral monitoring technology will improve doctors’ ability to diagnose diseases like stroke. The tool also has potential in clinical brain research.

The new company will be headed by former ICFO post-doc Udo Weigel.

“For many scientists, the idea of transforming innovative lab-based technology into devices that will help society is very exciting,” said CEO and co-founder Weigel. “ICFO's innovation-friendly and supportive environment is making it possible for HemoPhotonics to pinpoint the opportunities which will maximize the utility of our non-invasive technology, putting it in the hands of researchers and doctors working with hemodynamic parameters.”