A decade of the authors teaching graduate students led to the genesis of this comprehensive yet extremely clearly written book that fills the lacunae of multiple sources on imaging optics. I know of no other single source with a single notation that can substitute for Imaging Optics. This masterful treatise/textbook, replete with clear figures, will become a classic in optics.

With a rigorous foundation of electromagnetic-wave propagation, the authors develop geometric optics, aberrations and optical design with many applications. A detailed analysis of diffraction in optical imaging is developed for the complete vector theory, including consideration of polarization. The vector theory of optical imaging of a point object with high-numerical-aperture microscope objectives is a topic of great utility in microscopy.

There are multiple appendices, including the English translation of V. S. Ignatowsky: Diffraction by a Lens of Arbitrary Aperture (1919), in which the author independently derives the resolution in a microscope that is completely similar to Abbe’s theory of the microscope (1873).

Review by Barry R. Masters, Fellow of AAAS, OSA and SPIE

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