This is the first paperback edition of this classic text, the fourth edition of which has been available since 2013. The new paperback format makes this comprehensive text even more affordable to the graduate student or professional who needs to know everything about high-resolution electron microscopy (HREM).

This is a really unique book on HREM, as it contains everything one needs to know to become an HREM expert. Coupled with examples, the book covers a broad span of information, from basic electron optics to in-depth analysis of state-of-the-art techniques. The author even provides a step-by-step guide—with a checklist—on how to take high-resolution images. The index of terms is substantial, making this text useful as a reference resource as well. Additionally, the extensive bibliography helpfully points to related topics that do not directly fall under the umbrella of HREM.

Marko Spasenović, Institute of Physics in Belgrade, Serbia

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