Optical transmission systems have progressed tremendously over the past two decades, reaching aggregate bit rates of 100 Tbps in the C-band of silica fibers. This monograph, written by the director of the European Research Center of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (Le Nguyen Binh), addresses the treatment of noise as the ultimate limit of performance in modern ultrafast and high-density optical links.
The material is organized in three parts, with four chapters in each. The first part discusses introductory concepts like the models of optical and electronic noise, capacity limits and noise in incoherent and coherent detection systems. The second covers noise reduction in coherent detection, digital signal processing techniques and optical modulation. The final chapters describe noise in transmission systems under the modulation of amplitude and phase, including duobinary modulation to reduce signal bandwidth and improve transmission efficiency, and a multi-Tbps optical platform for state-of-the art ultrahigh capacity information networks. Furthermore, the book is richly illustrated with diagrams and charts that describe the performance of practical systems, a precious reference for both students and professionals.
Review by OSA Fellow and Emeritus Member Silvano Donati, University of Pavia, Italy.

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