The authors have offered a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of hyperspectral imaging modalities. A wide readership, including scientists and graduate students involved with spectral imaging modalities, could benefit from this book.

The reader will find an integrated approach to imaging spectroscopy. The core of this book provides the user with multivariate statistical and spectral methods in order to conduct reliable data exploitation for hyperspectral imaging analysis. Some readers might be interested in the coverage on remote sensing of chemical clouds. Spectral properties of materials and imaging spectrometers with data calibration are well covered. Furthermore, radiative transfer models and atmospheric compensation in the thermal infrared might also be of interest to a broader readership. This excellent text also contains material for further research and suggested readings.

Review by Axel Mainzer Koenig, CEO, 21st Century Data Analysis, a division of Koenig & Associates, Inc. Portland, Ore., USA

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