The second edition of this book intends to bridge the gap between quantum mechanics and research in modern optics. This textbook is for rather advanced students; at the end of each chapter further readings, problems and references await.

The author intentionally used density matrix approach as a straightforward mathematical tool to treat the main issues of the book. The book is split in three main parts. The first three chapters are introductory, and dedicated to basic notions of electromagnetic fields, quantum mechanics, atom-field interactions and density matrix method. The following three chapters grow on the knowledge gained in the introductory chapters. For instance, the density matrix approach deals with more advanced issues such as transient optical responses, coherent interaction of fields and atoms and coherent states. The last portion of the book focuses on topics such as squeezed light, cavity quantum electrodynamics and quantum information.

Overall, this is a very nice and clear book that deserves to be read by students, teachers and researchers working in advanced topics of optics.

Review by Mircea Dragoman, National Research Institute in Microtechnology, Romania

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