Today, we are witnessing a materials revolution. This book offers a good account of that history in the making.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part dedicates more than 100 pages to carbon-based materials, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene, and their nanocomposites. The second part covers zeolites, mesoporous materials and their composites. Bio-based nanomaterials take up the last part of the book, and receive fewer pages. A few chapters are also dedicated to other composites. The single topic missing from this book is atomically thin materials (other then graphene), a booming area of research at present.

The book has splendid illustrations, many of them in color, and is written in an accessible manner. It provides a nice account about the revolution of materials happening today. It is recommended to anyone who wants to use materials to enrich optical science.

Review by Mircea Dragoman, National Research and Development Institute on Microtechnology, Bucharest, Romania.

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