This title is the fourth in a series of books on scientific foundations, technology and applications of photonics. It is devoted to both the basic principles and advanced concepts within selected fields of biophotonics.

In that sense, a reader can find the basics of fluorescence and polarization, but also modern concepts of optical sectioning microscopy, Nobel Prize-winning super-resolution microscopy, optical cell manipulation, biosensors, and more. Even though the book was written by a number of authors, they succeeded in making it interesting, clear and up-to-date.

This book is not meant to be read from cover to cover, due to the diversity of, and sometimes disparate, subjects. It should sit on your table until you need a good in-depth introduction to particular subject, which you can find in one of its 12 chapters. In that sense, I recommend this book to physicists and bio-scientists, students and their lecturers, experienced researchers and novices.

Review by Dejan Pantelic, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia.

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