This book unites the theory and background of conventional vibrational spectroscopy with the principles of microspectroscopy. It starts with basic theory applied to small molecules. Then, the author focuses on large biomolecules, which is the main topic of this book, with an emphasis on practical experiments, results, analysis, and medical and diagnostic applications. This book also devotes sections to applications of vibrational spectroscopic techniques to biophysical and biostructural research, as well as the more recent extension of vibrational spectroscopy to microscopic data acquisition.
Graduate students who are entering the complex and rapidly developing field of vibrational biospectroscopy or microscopy would find this book useful. Experienced scientists and instructors in vibrational spectroscopy and microspectroscopy will also find this book a valuable reference for their work.
Review by Lisa Tongning Li,  Inphenix, Inc, Livermore, Calif., USA

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