The publication of this book coincided with the announcement of the first commercial products incorporating colloidal dots. This, it is claimed, will revolutionize optoelectronics because: “No longer will high efficiency and high performance devices be limited to the realm of single-crystal epitaxy.” This edited volume brings together contributors from around the world to address three main areas concerning colloidal quantum dots: chemistry and synthesis; physics and optoelectronic properties; and optoelectronic devices including sources, photo-detectors and solar cells. Several chapters are grouped around each of these themes and authoritatively present the state-of-the-art research in colloidal quantum dots. The subject matter is introduced carefully and explained clearly. There are numerous illustrations found in many of the chapters that are particularly helpful. Overall, this volume will be of considerable assistance to those who wish to accelerate developments in colloidal quantum dot optoelectronics. 
Review by K. Alan Shore, Bangor University, School of Electronic Engineering, Wales, United Kingdom.

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