Chaos and high-level dynamics phenomena in laser diodes have become well-established subject areas. This book covers the fundamentals of chaos generation and synchronization, and describes many of its applications, from optical communications to a variety of emerging niche fields like random-number generation, chaos-based telemeters, suppression of chaos fluctuations and blind sorting.There are six appendices that include a listing of codes in C language for simulation of chaos equations and systems, which will be interesting to many readers. However, there are problems missing from the text and its usefulness as a textbook for M.S. or Ph.D. students is limited. Compared to other books on the subject, this book provides more details and a good update of published literature with comprehensive topic coverage, but at the expense of limited synthesis. In conclusion, this publication is a valuable addition to references for everybody working in the fields of optical chaos.

Review by Silvano Donati of the University of Pavia, Italy.

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