May 2021

Multiple consecutive exposures capture the trails of Starlink satellites over Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA.

Will Satellites Cripple Ground-Based Astronomy?

Jeff Hecht

Some worry that the growth of space technology—which originally sprang from humanity’s fascination with the stars—now threatens access to the clear skies vital for research with a new generation of Earth-based telescopes.

Optics and Biometrics

Forget passwords—identity verification can now be accomplished with the touch of a finger or in the blink of an eye as the biometrics field expands to encompass new techniques and application areas.

Optics in Africa: Six Stories

A recently published JOSA A and B feature issue highlighted the wide-ranging optical and photonic research being pursued by scientists on the African continent. For this first installment of a two-part feature, OPN talked with several of the contributors.

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African Photonics

Is It AR’s Time to Shine?

Harnessing Attosecond Quantum Technologies

Beyond Materials

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