January 2020

Scientist Štěpán Vyhlídka next to the railroad-car-sized pulse compressor for the Aton 10-petawatt laser, ELI–Beamlines facility, Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic. Our update on the Extreme Light Infrastructure project begins on page 30.

ELI: Open for Business

Stewart Wills

After a decade of design, construction and commissioning, the European sites housing some of the world’s most powerful ultrafast lasers are making the transition to user facilities driving new science.

Engineering with Bound States in the Continuum

Identified nearly a century ago by early workers in quantum mechanics, bound states can dramatically reduce radiation from optical resonators, opening up new application prospects in nanophotonics.

The Most Important Paper You’ve Never Read

A half-century ago, a seminal but largely forgotten study identified the “coherent artifact” in measurements of ultrashort laser pulses.

Research and Industry News

Toward Exawatt Power

Science's Language Challenges

High Brightness in ELI’s Shadow

Where Optics and Photonics Are Made

Holography's Unexpected Origins

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