February 2018

 In this artist’s rendering, a single “trusted-node” satellite exchanges quantum keys with two ground stations to ensure secure communications between them. [Illustration by Phil Saunders]

Satellite-Based QKD

Imran Khan, Bettina Heim, Andreas Neuzner and Christoph Marquardt

A global network of spacecraft and ground stations, distributing secret encryption keys by means of quantum technology, could meet emerging and long-term threats to data security.

Virtual Photons: From the Lamb Shift to Black Holes

While virtual processes are a well-known feature of quantum electrodynamics, the role of virtual photons—in phenomena ranging from the microscopic to the cosmic—is less generally appreciated.

Meet OSA’s 2018 Fellows

The record 101 members of the 2018 class of OSA Fellow Members will be recognized at OSA conferences throughout the year for scientific, engineering and technological contributions, as well as industry leadership and service to OSA and the global optics community.

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Quantum Technology: Funding the Future

Toward a National Quantum Initiative

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