November 2017

Thermal radiation—heat—and visible light come together in the traditional Edison incandescent light bulb. [Image: Getty Images]

Heat Is the New Light

Svetlana V. Boriskina, Hadi Zandavi, Bai Song, Yi Huang and Gang Chen

A new paradigm looks at harnessing thermal radiation for lighting, energy generation and even non-contact cooling.

The Age of OLED Displays

Display technology using OLEDs has made the leap to commercial adoption in the past few years, setting the stage for a mind-bending shift in the way we think about displays.

Optics in Agriculture

Around the world, farmers—in their continual quest for higher crop yields, lower production costs and better-quality products—are gaining an edge from optical sensing and lighting technologies.

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Science + Applications = FiO+LS 2017

Edmund Optics at 75

Nix Sensor’s Color Vision

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