March 2015

Optical fiber connects the world—but the world’s seemingly insatiable demand for information is requiring new approaches, such as space division multiplexing, to keep fiber communications scaling cost-effectively. [Image from iStock Images]

Scaling Optical Fiber Networks: Challenges and Solutions

Peter J. Winzer

Increases in consumer demand and machine-to-machine network traffic are creating big challenges for letting optical communications continue to scale cost-effectively. Meeting those demands will require new forms of optical parallelism.

ROADMs: Reconfigurable Optics for Agile Networks

Flexible, dynamic wavelength routing has already helped drive vast gains in optical network capacity—and the capabilities of wavelength routing’s core element, the ROADM, continue to evolve.

LIGO: Finally Poised to Catch Elusive Gravitational Waves?

After a seven-year upgrade project incorporating cutting-edge lasers and optics, the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory could start directly detecting gravitational waves as early as next year.


OFC 2015: Global Network Innovators

Advances in All-Optical Circuits

Making Optics Standards Global

Sacred Sun

Charles Hard Townes

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