May 2014

Researcher operating an ultrafast laser delivering 27 fs optical pulses at the Photonics Laboratory, Universitat Jaume I, Spain. Photo courtesy of GROC/UJI/Àlex Pérez

Ultrafast and Ultrashort: Some Recent Advances in Pulsed Lasers

Valerie C. Coffey

In the R&D lab, new materials, improved performance and higher power levels are expanding opportunities for ultrashort-pulse lasers. And industrial suppliers are pushing the envelope toward ever-shorter and more stable pulses, extending micromachining into previously untapped segments.

Discovering a Laser

An enthusiastic recounting of the early days of the helium cadmium laser—a twisting path with many characters that started at the University of Utah.

120 Years of Optical Glass Science

An elegant, century-old mathematical relationship, tying the physical properties of a multicomponent glass to those of its chemical components, still provides a powerful tool in designing materials for fiber lasers and other applications.

The Physics of Finance

Remembering James P. Gordon

The Mystery of Cryolite


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