May 2013

Artistic interpretation of plasmonic communications. Phil Saunders/

Plasmonic Communications: Light on a Wire

Juerg Leuthold and colleagues

By coupling light to the charges at metal interfaces, plasmonics enables scientists to manipulate photons in a way they never have before: at the subwavelength level. With its potential to produce ultra-compact devices that relay information almost instantaneously, plasmonics may be the next big—and small—thing in optical communications.

ICAN: The Next Laser Powerhouse

An international team of researchers is looking toward the next frontier of high-energy laser physics: building efficient, high–average-power lasers. With a revolutionary architecture that combines thousands of coherent fibers, the laser being developed under the ICAN project could transform nuclear medicine, detect nuclear waste and form the basis for the next great particle accelerator.

Light-Wave Mixing in Quantum Gases

Nonlinear optics has come a long way since the laser. This article reviews recent progress in coherent wave mixing and introduces some new concepts that will reframe future research directions.


Combatting Stereotype Threat

Laser Hall-of-Famer: C. Kumar N. Patel

Breaking into Academia

Sandbow or Rainbow?

Picoprojector Technologies: Seeing the Big Picture

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