September 2012

A hot-air balloon carried the message of CREOL’s 25th anniversary before a celebratory banquet at the center. Photo courtesy of CREOL.

CREOL at 25: A Full Spectrum of Achievements

Patricia Daukantas

A quarter-century ago, the Florida legislature funded an optics center to diversify the economy of the state’s central region. Today, it has grown into a full-fledged photonics college known for world-class research.

Freeform Optical Surfaces: Report from OSA’s First Incubator Meeting

Just as business incubator programs are designed to support the development of fledgling companies, OSA’s new incubator meeting series is structured to encourage the growth of exciting new areas within optics. The first one was devoted to the topic of freeform optics—a field that is actively evolving due to recent technological advances.

Aden Meinel: Astronomer, Optical Scientist, Founder and Scholar

Aden Meinel was the founding director of the University of Arizona Optical Sciences Center and the Kitt Peak National Observatory. With his wife and research partner, Marjorie, he also developed next-generation space-telescope concepts and pioneered the use of solar energy.

Graduate-Level Internships in Industry

OPN Talks with David Williams

OPN Talks with Marlan O. Scully

A Formula for Success

Tabletop Supercontinuum X-Ray Source

Quantum Computing Closer to Practical

Graphene Used to Make Sensitive Photon Detector

Making an RGB Laser from Quantum Dots

Nanotubes Soak Up the Near-Infrared Sun

Reflecting on Career/Life Balance

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