November 2012

Artist’s interpretation  of thin-film photovoltaics. Phil Saunders,

Thin-Film Photovoltaics: Making Every Photon Count

Yvonne Carts-Powell

Researchers are turning to organic and hybrid nanoscale structures to create more cost-effective solar cells. Thin-film photovoltaic technologies that incorporate silicon are among the best options for effectively managing light.

Fifty Years of Visible LEDs

Originally a byproduct of the race to build a semiconductor laser, the visible light-emitting diode emerged in the fall of 1962. Following the “alloy road,” scientists have devised ever-brighter LEDs—and poised them to displace a century-old lighting technology.

Bird Brains: Using Picosecond Optical Tomography to Assess Neural Activity

Imaging the brains of birds with picosecond optical tomography gives scientists a fascinating look into how these animals respond to calls and songs—and insight into how the technology could be applied to humans.

Mapping Matter

Dark Energy Telescope Goes Deep

Identifying Cancer by its Blood Supply

Tracking Zombie Bees with Lasers

Scared of the Needle? A Laser Could Help

Stereoscopic Laser Projection Displays

CIOMP: The Cradle of China’s Optics

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