April 2012

Multispectral Imaging Moves into the Mainstream

Valerie C. Coffey

Advances in sensors, filters and apertures are driving the evolution of multispectral imaging from expensive one-off systems for military and defense applications to affordable, practical, commercial systems for use in everything from medical imaging to satellite remote sensing.

The Emerging Field of Correlation Optics

Correlation optics provides tools—both conceptual and experimental—for measuring various parameters of an optical field in partial coherence and polarization. This area of study could enable unique applications for industrial quality control, solid-state physics, medical diagnostics and ecological monitoring.

Max Planck: Founder of Quantum Theory

Max Planck’s scientific career spanned some of the most turbulent times in German history—the Wilhelmian Empire, the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich. Through it all, he advanced and protected physics, with his own research evolving from theoretical physics that was firmly grounded in thermodynamics to his blackbody distribution law, which forced him to invoke non-classical ideas.

Metamaterial Superlenses for the Visible and UV

Finer Control from an X-ray Laser

Taking Pulse Trains to Attosecond Precision

Fiber-Based Ellipsometry for Studying Thin Films

The Meaning and Measure of Lateral Resolution for Surface Profiling Interferometers

Ira Sprague Bowen: Frederic Ives Medalist, 1952

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