January 2007

Solid-State Lighting: A Systems Engineering Approach

Ian Ashdown

Solid-state lighting is more than just another light source. It is a lighting system that involves optics, thermal management, electrical power conversion, electronic drive circuitry and network control.

Optics in South Africa

The rainbow nation is betting on the optical sciences to support its economic growth and skills development.

Meet the Metamaterials

Among optics and electromagnetics researchers today, the term “metamaterials” is often taken to be synonymous with materials that have a negative refractive index, but there is much more to metamaterials than that. As research evolves, these unique composite materials will be fabricated with new, multifunctional architectures that will enable applications in sensing, security, transportation and other areas.

Report from FiO: Global Issues, Optics Solutions

For its 90th annual meeting, OSA returned home to its birthplace of Rochester, N.Y. Speakers challenged the optics community to work toward solving society’s most urgent problems, including the need to find alternative energy sources and halt the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Hearing One Cancer Cell in a Million

Tiny Bubbles Direct Light

Did You Know?

Headwall Photonics Inc.: Scaling New Heights in Spectral Equipment

OSA’s Financial History: The 1960s and 1970s

OPN Talks with Nicholas Negroponte

OPN Talks with Chongcheng Fan

OPN Talks with Mark Wegleitner

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