December 2006

Optics in 2006 Introduction

Bob D. Guenther

The areas covered in 2006 include array detectors, Bloch oscillations, coherent imaging, diffractive optics, imaging, metamaterials, nonlinear optics, optical beams, opto-mechanics, polarization, Raman spectroscopy, soft X-rays and ultrafast science.

Array Detectors

Fabrics that “See”: Photosensitive Fiber Constructs.

Bloch Oscillations

Photonic Bloch Oscillations and Zener Tunnelling

Coherent Imaging

Variable Coherence Allows Subwavelength Resolution Sensing.

Diffractive Optics

Computer-Generated Volume Holograms Optimize Degrees of Freedom in 3D Aperiodic Structures.


Localizing Defects on Circuits Using High-Resolution OFT


Nano-Dispersed Liquid Crystal with Tunable Negative-Zero-Positive Refractive Indices

Nonlinear Optics

Supercontinuum Generation in Sub-Centimeter Lengths of High-Nonlinearity Photonic Crystal Fibers

Optical Beams

White Light Takes Shape.


Fiber-Top Cantilevers: A New Sensor on the Tip of a Fiber


Mueller Matrix Approach for Discriminating Optical Rotation

Raman Spectroscopy

Large-Aperture Raman Spectroscopy for Quantitative Chemometrics

Soft X-ray

High Harmonic Generation from Ions in a Capillary Discharge Plasma Waveguide


As we become more able to control the length and accuracy of optical pulses, the field is expanding into new uses for ultrashort pulses.

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