February 2005

Particle Display Technologies Become E-Paper

Tanya Z. Kosc

Electronic paper is emerging from research laboratories, and technologies based on particles displays are leading the way. Six state of the art technologies are reviewed.

The Astronomical Search for Origins

NASA has set forth on a new adventure with a family of space telescopes that observe in the infrared and visible regions of the spectrum. The new telescopes will detect and characterize exosolar system terrestrial planets and search for evidence of life.

Organic Optoelectronics Materials and Devices for Photonic Applications, Part One

Organic and polymeric optoelectronic devices have made tremendous progress over the past ten years, making the journey from laboratory curiosity to emerging commercial products in a number of important areas, such as displays, optical communications, solar cells and data storage. Recent examples highlight the development of organic optoelectronic materials for existing and emerging photonics applications.

Coupled Resonator Optical Waveguides: Toward the Slowing and Storage of Light

The development of a simple, solid-state-based technology to slow the propagation of light could prove an important step in the realization of the high-bit-rate communication systems of the future. The use of coupled resonator optical waveguides (CROWs) as practical elements to slow and store light pulses is one possibility.

UCF's New College for Optics

Optics in Thailand

Edible Lasers and Other Delights of the 1970s

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