December 2002

Biomedical Imaging

Simultaneous Imaging Of in SituTissue Structure, Blood-Flow Velocity, Standard Deviation, Birefringence and Stokes Vectors in Human Skin


Electro-Optic Detection of Continuous-Wave Mid-Infrared Radiation

Functional Imaging

Three-Dimensional Imaging of Diffusion Volumes in Silicon Circuits by Use of the Two- Photon Optical-Beam- Induced Current Effect

Imaging Systems

Thin Annulus Aperture Active Imager.


Yoshihiro Sugawara, Oliver B.Wright and Osamu Matsuda

Laser Materials

Semiconductor Quantum-Well Designer Active Materials.

Laser Optics

Ultrabroadband Quantum Cascade Lasers.


Photon Localization in Resonant Media


Ultrafast Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Microstructured Fibers

Delivery of Nanojoule Femtosecond Pulses Through Large-Core Microstructured Fibers

Nonlinear Optics

Honeycomb Pattern Formation by Laser-Beam Filamentation in Atomic Sodium Vapor.

Novel Sources

Extraordinary Transmission of Luminescence Through a Metal Electrode

Optical Communications

Photonic Lattices Induced By Partially Coherent Light

Optical Devices

Enhancement of Spontaneous Emission Rate by Resonant Surface Plasmon Coupling

Optical Engineering

Adiabatic Beam Shaping of Diffuse Light

Optical Materials

Photorefractive Polymers For Real-Time Holography Fabricated by Injection Molding

Optical Wave Fronts

A.A. Ishaaya, G. Machavariani, N. Davidson, E. Hasman and A.A. Friesem

Phase Optics

Formation of Pancharatnam- Berry Phase Optical Elements With Space-Variant Subwavelength Gratings

Photonic Structures

S.W. Koch,T. Stroucken, R. Eichmann, M.Kira and W. Hoyer

Quantum Dots

Anomalous Carrier-Induced Dispersion in Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Quantum Optics

Singular Optics

Singular Optics With Polychromatic Light.

Terahertz Technology

Coherent and Widely Tunable THz and Millimeter Waves Based on Difference-Frequency Generation in GaSe and ZnGeP2

Ultrafast Optics

Craig W. Siders, George Rodriguez and Antoinette J.Taylor

Unconventional Imaging

Axi-Vision camera

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