Cover Story

In early 2014, the U.S. National Ignition Facility announced that it had achieved a fusion reaction that produced net positive energy. Fusion scientists have applauded that step—but the path to sustainable fusion energy remains a... more>>


Diamond Raman Lasers

Scientists are using high-purity synthetic diamonds to create novel devices that offer increased laser power, brightness and wavelength reach. more>>

Optical Networks Come of Age

Big data and insatiable consumer demand for broadband are driving a new generation of intelligent, programmable, energy-efficient networks—powered by optical switching—to support Internet services reaching terabit-per-second speeds. more>>


Headliners, policy news, industry updates and book reviews. more>>


Global Optics

Finding a Voice for Photonics

International efforts to promote awareness—and funding—reflect different regional approaches and priorities. more>>

Reflections in Diversity

Multi-Tiered Role Models in Career Workshops

Career workshops using multi-tiered role models can support and advance minority scientists at all career stages. more>>


Fueling the Photonics Workforce

Resolving a near-term shortage in qualified photonics technicians will require innovative cross-training approaches for employed techs from other specialties. more>>

Conversations in Optics

Q&A with Jung Park, Pablo Postigo, Volker Sorger and Fengnian Xia, hosts of OSA’s incubator meeting, “Nanophotonic Devices: Beyond Classical Limits.” more>>