Cover Story

Cable providers are maximizing fiber optic network capacity, reach and value for increasingly advanced intercontinental communications. How vulnerable is an all-optical network to interruptions? more>>


Optical Wireless Communications: The New “Hot Spots”?

Soon, indoor solid-state lighting may feed data to our electronic devices. “Li-Fi” could take some of the burden off crowded radio frequencies and open up new possibilities for communications and positioning applications. more>>

Multimodal Nonlinear Optical Microscopy: From Biophotonics to Geophotonics

Nonlinear optical spectroscopies such as CARS and SRS offer rapid, label-free, chemical-specific imaging. And the ability to simultaneously deploy multiple modes of nonlinear imaging on a single sample is creating some striking new views of natural materials. more>>


Headliners, policy news and industry updates. more>>


Career Focus

Writing Resources for Non-Native-English-Speaking Scientists

Felipe Beltrán-Mejía offers a few tips toward meeting the challenges of writing scientifically in a second language. more>>


Physclips: Opening a New Window into Optics Education

Physclips is a free online resource that adds another dimension to learning and teaching optics at the undergraduate level. more>>

Reflections in Diversity

Establishing a Women Professors Forum

A case study in establishing a successful professional network for advancing women scientists. more>>

Conversations in Optics

OFC plenary speaker Robert Tkach will discuss the evolution of optical fiber communications and what’s in store for the future of high-speed systems. more>>

OFC 2014 plenary speaker David Clark will address practical issues as well as more heady questions regarding the limits of data consumption. more>>