Cover Story

Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy: A Gigapixel Superscope for Biomedicine

Guoan Zheng, Xiaoze Ou, Roarke Horstmeyer, Jaebum Chung and Changhuei Yang

A simple modification, combined with computational optics, can boost the resolving power of standard microscopes by more than an order of magnitude—and open up new applications in both the lab and the clinic. more>>


Expanding OCT: Quanitifying the Cornea’s Optical Performance

Ryan P. McNabb, Anthony N. Kuo and Joseph A. Izatt

Optical coherence tomography, a well-known method for imaging the retina, may allow physicians to perform quantitative metrology of the eye’s own optics. more>>

Optics on the Brain: OSA’s Mulitphoton and Patterned Optogenetics Incubator

Hillel Adesnik, Laura Waller and Shy Shoham

A December 2013 OSA incubator meeting highlighted the role of cutting-edge optics and photonics in solving the mysteries of neuroscience—and helped forge connections between researchers in the two communities. more>>



Patricia Daukantas, Valerie C. Coffey and Sarah Michaud

Headliners, policy news and industry updates. more>>


Career Focus

Keeping Tabs on Your Online Reputation

Sarah Michaud and Hannah Bembia

Today’s networked information environment is creating new responsibilities for “curating” your online record—and new tools to help do just that. more>>

Global Optics

Optics in Armenia

Yuri Kivshar

Yuri Kivshar experiences science in the shade of Mt. Ararat. more>>

Light Touch

The Monocle

Stephen R. Wilk

Is the monocle a legitimate optical device or merely an affectatious accessory? more>>

Conversations in Optics

Looking Inward with Optics

Sarah Michaud

OSA Fellow Xingde Li, one of the BIOMED 2014  plenary speakers, talks with OPN about label-free imaging of tissue histology. more>>

Determining Tissue Health with Light

Sarah Michaud

OSA Fellow and BIOMED 2014 plenary speaker Adam Wax talks with OPN about his work on assessing tissue health based on coherent detection of multiply scattered light. more>>