Cover Story

Now that laser-assisted surgery for nearsightedness has become a routine elective procedure, ophthalmologists and vision scientists are branching out to other medical uses of lasers, from cataract surgery to diagnostic retinal imaging. more>>


History of Gas Lasers, Part 2: Pulsed Gas Lasers

In this second article of a two-part series, Colin Webb explores the origins of pulsed gas lasers, which made possible many critical applications of laser technology, including corneal reshaping and microlithography. more>>

SPAD Sensors Come of Age

A unique light detector combines single-photon performance, multi-pixel image resolution and deep sub-nanosecond response. more>>


An Australian team researching so-called “holey” optical fibers has discovered that light occupies much less space in the core than previously thought. more>>

If you punch holes into a semitransparent gold film, it will transmit less light through, thanks to surface plasmons. more>>

Enhancing infrared-sensing capability of an ordinary camera to analyze paintings. more>>



OSA’s Global Network of Students

In 2006, members from four OSA Student Chapters had a big idea: to create a global network of OSA students. Since then, IONS (the International OSA Network of Students) has grown to include hundreds of students who have taken the world by storm—traveling to leading research institutes, exchanging results with peers, and visiting cities all over the globe. more>>

Global Optics

The Optical Society of Korea Celebrates 20 Years

For two decades, the Optical Society of Korea (OSK) has helped lead optical science in South Korea by promoting innovation and spurring growth in industrial technology. more>>

Optics Innovations

Catalyzing Innovation: The Fraunhofer Society and Institute for Laser Technology

For more than 60 years, the Fraunhofer Society—a large German organization—has devoted itself to applications-oriented research in medical engineering, defense, energy and other areas. And its Institute for Laser Technology focuses on innovative laser solutions to society’s most pressing problems. more>>

Policy Matters

U.S. Cities Go Green with LEDs

Cities and towns across the United States are incorporating solid-state lighting into their infrastructures. more>>

The History of OSA

JOSA Editors of the 1930s & 1940s

Remembering two influential editors and OSA presidents. more>>

Conversations in Optics

OPN talks with Brian Herlihy, continent connector and OFC/NFOEC keynote speaker. more>>